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Airflow formula of Roots blower
2019-03-07 17:30:49

Many people know the Roots blower, but they don't know its air volume formula. Let's introduce it to everyone:     The air volume of a fan is defined as the product of the wind speed V and the cross-sectional area F of the air duct. Since the large wind turbine can accurately measure the wind speed with an anemometer, the air volume calculation is also very simple. The air volume can be calculated directly by the formula Q=VF.   Determination of the number of fans According to the number of air exchanges in the selected room, calculate the total air volume required by the plant, and then calculate the number of fans. Calculation formula: N=V×n/Q where: N——number of fans (set); V——site volume (m3); n——number of air changes (time/time); Q——type of selected fan Single air volume (m3/h). The choice of fan model should be based on the actual situation of the plant, try to select the fan model that matches the original window size. The fan and the wet curtain should be kept at a certain distance (as far as possible on both sides of the gable of the plant) to achieve good ventilation. effect. The exhaust side should be as close as possible to nearby buildings to prevent nearby residents from being affected. If the air taken out from the room contains a polluted environment, a sprinkler can be installed at the tuyere to collect concentrated pollutants nearby, without polluting the environment.   The Roots blower consists of five parts: the casing, the wall plate, the impeller, the fuel tank and the muffler. The case: mainly plays the role of support (wallboard, impeller, muffler) and fixing. Wall panel: It is mainly used to connect the casing and the impeller, and to support the rotation of the impeller and the effect of sealing the end face. Impeller: It is the rotating part of the fan. It is divided into two blades and three blades. However, because the three-leaf has many advantages such as smaller pulsation, less noise, and smoother operation, it has gradually replaced the two-blade fan. Fuel tank: Mainly used to store lubricating oil used to lubricate gears and bearings. Muffler: used to reduce the noise generated by the airflow when the fan enters and exits.   The Roots blower produced by our company is fully equipped to meet the needs of different users.


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